dealsvizio 60" 1080p 120hz smooth motion led smart tv…


I purchased this same TV at my local Costco 10 days ago, for the same price, plus they added an extra year warranty. Also purchased a 3 year warranty from Square Trade at the same time for 60 bucks for a total of 5 years in home service or replacement awesome deal. Great TV, smart TV with keypad on back of remote. Check out your local Costco if you want one and save $.


The lack of HDMI audio out is a dealbreaker for me. Also the layout of HDMI kind of turned me off. Two on the side and two on the bottom. Just put them all lined up. I know it seems picky but if I'm going to buy a 60" TV I want it exactly the way I want.


@triplebud: I agree. You pretty much are forced to connect devices directly to the receiver and leave the surround system on all of the time if you don't have audio out on the TV. Some people are OK with that but I really don't need 7.1 to watch the news so don't want to pay for the extra electric not to mention wearing out my system.


I bought this same TV from Amazon a week ago for $898 + free shipping via delivery service with a prime account.


Got this TV on black friday for $699. Best money I have ever spent.

I have all sound going into my sound system using optical.


Does this TV come with a web browser, or just the apps? I'd like to be able to browse the internet with it.