deals1787 constitution antique replica for $1.95


Got this last year. Can't quite remember the price, but I think it was around the same as this deal.

Pretty neat item, it's got an old look and feel to the paper. It's about half the size the original document, so it's kind of hard to read the print. But if the goal is reading the contents, surely Google could provide a better alternative.


Oh, fun. A debate seed. I wonder if a fight over everybody's personal interpretation of the Constitution might bloom here. Probably only if the conditions are just right, i.e. It is posted on the Internet, and more than two people see it.


@stark: If this is a debate seed it looks like you're trying to be the farmer!


Wow, Papa Johns yesterday and the Constitution today. I'm in for a few!


At this price, we can afford to buy one for every politician. None of them have ever read it.


Think everyone in american should buy one of this and mail it to the white house.



I guess they are about out of toilet paper again.......after all that's the way they treat it!


The title is confusing. Is this a replica that is an antique, or is this a replica of an antique?


Boo! Try another product. These are not nearly as comfortable for wiping your ass as the white house claims (and that goes for more than just our current president).


This is the same price they always sell it for. All they do is RIP and repost, repeatedly. TPTB must have agreed with me as they removed most of the duplicates from the last year or so. Looks like they are starting over again.


@ichigodiafuku: I prefer that to a store that artificially raises the price, then drops it down to a reasonable price and calls it a deal...


@stevemayfield: unfortunately, that behavior is not cool here at deals.woot. It is considered a DUPLICATE (same deal, same price, same event)


@mrsmoofy: Tea Party Republicans that can read.


RIP ... Deal is dead. No more available "Check back later for availability" ....

I was going to get one for my kid for his school project.