dealsez towel – the compact disposable towel for $5.91…


Just add water! Wait...I wanted a towel to dry off. [confused]

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I generally put these in an altoid can, then, I play the waiting game.


Poorly named although I think "Easy-wipes" is already taken. I prefer to start with an expanded dry towel.


What happens if you forget to wet the towel before you go into the restroom stall? Do you ask the guy in the stall next to you to wet it for you?


Reminds me of those dollar tree Dinosaurs. Just add water, and the package makes them out to be full sized Dinosaurs...well, if they ever actually existed.


I got a ten pack of these in the Dollar Spot area of Target recently. They do work as advertised but I'm not entirely certain what I would use them for. For almost every circumstance I can think of I'd rather have a small ultra absorbent, quick drying towel that takes up a bit more space than a disposable mini-hockey puck that I have to get wet to use.


If they were an actual towel they'd be useful when I travel. I could throw them in my day bag and have a towel when needed. If you have to actually dunk them to use them then I don't see how they'd be any use at all-- at least as a towel. That would make them more like wipes, which I don't see much use for. I carry Clorox wipes in single foil packs when I travel, although I have rarely needed them.


So I get them wet, they unfold, then I dry off? but it is already wet, so I let it dry, it folds back up, then I wet it.......I get it! It is a perpetual motion machine!!


I keep these in my car and use them when I need to clean my hands or face or something gets dirty and needs a wipe down. Not intended to dry something..... but to clean something where a wet towel would be needed.


I think I prefer the 10-Pack of Cleansing/Detox Foot Pads

If you read their ad, you will see that these are good at removing:

* Heavy Metals
* Metabolic Wastes
* Toxins
* Parasites
* Chemicals
* Cellulite

And further, "These Cleansing/Detox Foot Pads are made from bamboo vinegar, an ingredient Japanese scientists have proven has the ability to draw out toxins from the body. "

Who knew bamboo vinegar was so powerful!!!


Ever try to clean up a wet spill with a dry washcloth? Doesn't work very well. Now, take the same washcloth, wet it and wring it out and voila! Cleans the wet spill right up. Just sayin'...