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Please don't post 'free shipping' in the heading if additional purchase is required. It is misleading. Not everyone has or wants Prime.


@zippy the pinhead: actually, free shipping is included when you do amazon's subscribe and save. prime is not required.


That's still requires you to purchase more. Not everyone is constantly buying things nonstop. "Free" shipping is misleading, Free with required purchase or prime is not.


What could be more suited for a subscription than chocolate? Well, maybe insulin for diabetics. What is life without chocolate? Personally, I prefer the 72% cacao Ghirardelli squares over all other chocolate. If you don't want to "subscribe," set a long interval and cancel after your chocolate is shipped. If you forget to cancel, you won't regret the surprise delivery of another package of the world's best chocolate for the best price available. How can you lose?


@silveri: not really. you make your first order, wait until it ships and then cancel the subscription. they don't retroactively ding you for shipping costs or anything.


OMG! I had never thought to look on Amazon for chocolate before. Lake Champlain, Godiva, Ghiradelli, See's. You have just created a chocoholic monster!


Does the Twilight Delight attract vampires or emo teens?