dealsthe dark knight rises dvd (+ultraviolet digital…


I'm kind of on the fence with this UVVU (ultraviolet) stuff. It seemed like a good deal but because the DVD. is standard definition 480p you only get the standard definition digital copy; you have to $5 to upgrade to digital. Anybody else think that's stupid?


@markfenix: Yeah, I'm not sure how the ultraviolet works. I've tried two other "digital" copies and they both required downloading some sketchy 3rd party software. It should be a legit digital copy that you can drag and drop right off of the disc.That being said this movie isn't good enough to gamble on.


Ultraviolet is lame. No I don't want to create a studio account, a Flixter account, and an Ultraviolet account, just to stream a movie I already own. I don't even think I can download a movie to my phone or Android device like Apple users can with non-Ultraviolet digital copies.

$10 for the movie though, is worth it.


The hour-long documentary on the history of the Batmobile isn't included on this version. It is on this one:
. . . but this one's not on sale. I say wait till this one's on sale.

I watched that piece the other night and IT IS AWESOME. They interview Adam West, George Barris (the guy who created the 1966 Batmobile), Tim Burton, the guys who did all the other Batmobiles, even the animated Batmobile. There's a shot near the end all 5 Batmobiles driving in in a convoy together.


@gig103: I guess it is for $10 but then would a high-def copy be worth it if it was in mono-sound vs dolby...