deals3-in-1 pen/ laser pointer/4gb usb drive for $10…


Not as awesome as it seems. The pen jams in the casing after a few days and the laser light turns on in your pocket.


@davesempai: @davesempai: Indeed. It got a couple TERRRIBLE reviews on Amazon.
Figures. Even my 2-in-1 Pen/laser pointer sucks.
A device is lucky if it can do one thing really well.
Only in the mind of my inner child can cool things like this exist :(

When I was 5 I tried to scale the side of the house with a Bat-Grappling hook made out of a fork with bent splines tied to kite twine.
That wasn't long after I tried to dig my way to China, but it was before my parents told me my diamond mine was really just a small quartz deposit (of very small worthless quartz even).

Life's been a long series of disappointments to my imagination.