dealscinnamon roll at cinnabon for nurses for $0.00


Awesome! Great find! I know so many people who are nurses and going to be nurses! (like myself, Woot!)

You know, nurses are the unsung heroes in the hospital floor.. its unimaginable on how much these people work hard all day long.

Enjoy the week!


yeah, around here they strike all the time and leave patients to die while they picket. Have a cinnabon!


Maybe it's the late hour, but I read this and though "Cinnabon for Nurses" was a new chain...


I know a few nurses to be, and completely appreciate and respect what nurses have to do and put up with. Upvoting the deal, but while few people eat healthy 100% of the time, I do find deals like this kind of humorous.


It's really difficult for me to believe that a nurse would eat a Cinnabon Classic roll. At least not if they'd ever looked at the nutritional information (880 calories, 36g of fat).

I'm by no means a health-food person, far from it, but there's no way I'd eat at a Cinnabon.


Its probably the only meal they'll get in their 12 hour shift, besides the Mountain Dew and twizzlers from the vending machine.


@cleverett: Is there some stereotype that nurses are all healthy (or skinny)? Because IME, that isn't accurate.


Lame... I just graduated nursing school, but it'll be another month or so before the state board of nursing clears us to sit for the NCLEX. Guess no freebies for me!

For the record, I'm an anti-fatty, but I'd kill a free Cinnabon in a heartbeat. Then again, I'm one of those crazy people that actually exercises.


@cleverett: I teach nursing. Do you know how many of them smoke?


Just because someone has training in the health care field does not imply that said someone will choose to be healthy.
My step-father-in-law is an RN and a respiratory therapist and smokes like a chimney.

It's just like anywhere else in life. Many people know better and still do not care. That's how state lotteries work.


No kidding, most of the nurses at the hospital I used to work at called thier smoke break "respitory therapy". It's sometimes a case of "do as I say, not as I do".

This nurse tries to watch her cholesterol & fat intake, but would love a free cinnebon! Doesn't mean I'd eat the whole thing though.