dealsthe strongest coffee in the world: death wish…


It sounds interesting, but I'm not completely sure I can support a site with that much comic sans.


Sounds like a badass coffee but I dont know if I could drink something that is called Death Wish!


death wish huh? sounds right up my alley! bring it on


$19.99 plus $7 shipping for 1lb of coffee...


Sounds like decent coffee but I'll stick with my 3lb costco bags that don't even cost this much... Coffee is mostly about the grind anyway you can take beans with tons of caffeine and grind them wrong and you'll still only get 1/4 of whats in them.


@ikisat: "Coffee is mostly about the grind anyway" is so very wrong. Starts with the bean, then roasting, freshness, and then grind.


I'm skeptical of their claim of using a coffee bean with 200% the amount of caffeine. I work in the specialty coffee industry and I'm pretty sure I would have heard if a variety was discovered with that much of an increase in caffeine content.

Robusta has about twice as much caffeine as Arabica, which is what most coffee is, but it generally tastes harsh and bitter. It's a lower grade coffee usually added to instant coffee but it's also added to espresso blends because it produces a great crema.


@dlambert9899: I take it you're not a Charles Bronson fan?