dealsdynex 26" class 26" diag. lcd 720p 60hz hdtv for…


Wow - I suddenly realize that I paid TEN times this amount for an identically-sized TV 8 years ago, which at the time was considered a pretty good deal (they were $2k in 2004). And that one can only receive analog signals without the aid of a converter box...

Consider that if the TV lasts even a year, it will have cost you less in ownership costs than mine cost me. The resolution is fine for this size. However, when I replace my aging Sharp, I'll probably pick one that's slightly bigger/better quality than this one...

Two more things: don't wall-mount this thing - it'll be a complete waste of time. Just sit it on an end table. Also, you might consider a soundbar (which will probably be more expensive than the TV!!)


@bione: As an owner of two Dynex TVs, absolutely agree on the soundbar. The built-in speakers on these things are not all that good for any kind of immersion. They're just there to make noise.


Not in stock at my local store and UNAVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING !!!


I have had 4 of these for my business and none of them lasted more than 12 months.


I bought this one for christmas 2 years ago to connect to my ps3. Terrible sound and hardware problems. Don't waste your money....even if it is only $100. Returned and bought insignia for $20 more. I still play on the insignia