dealsmentos up2u sugar free gum mega pack - 96 packs…


This is nasty gum. Liked the idea of 2 flavors in 1 pack but none of them are any good--and the flavor doesn't last.


this is only good for the coke+mentos pranks


@donslin: Funny. My daughter and her boyfriend love these. They don't sound too good to me, but I'm a Juicy Fruit kind of girl.


YMMV on this, but if you have a Menards (home improvement store in the mid-west), they have a case (14 packs) for $1.99 after $4 mail in-rebate. The rebate being a store voucher.


@fit410s: Are you sure the gum would work for the coke/mentos 'volcano' thing?
I know it works with the Mentos candy mints but I never heard of it working with the gum.