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I bought one of these a few months back to replace an older harmony remote. I like the aesthetics better than my older remote, but I feel that the responsiveness on the buttons is lacking. I believe this is due to a power saving function that turns the remote off when not in use and it's supposed to turn back on when picked up, but the response on that part is what is causing my issues.

Other than that issue, I feel that it functions as well as my old harmony remote. I am happy with it, just wish I could have got this price on mine!


I currently have a harmony 550, and I love how programmable it is. However, the channel and volume up/down buttons are 'clicky' type buttons. That's not a bad thing normally, but I live in an apartment and if i want to watch a movie, I'm constantly clicking the volume up to hear the voices and down to not disturb the neighbors during the loud parts. I got tired of the constant click click click click click click, so i pretty much only use that remote for turning everything on and off. That defeats the purpose of the harmony remotes, so I'm in for one of these.


Rcvd one of these as a gift to replace a seriously worn-out Harmony 659 and Wow, is this one better!!! Close to the same operation and functionality, assignable buttons and modifiable macros, but it REALLY shines in 3 places nobody mentions.

1) Anytime you pick up or move the remote, all the backlighting comes on, screen and buttons---really handy while watching @ night. My old 659 had a "Backlight" button you had to press, if you could find it in the dark.

2) When using a DVR, this remote has a 10-sec "Jump Back" function, like most other remotes and DVR controllers, but it also has a 30-sec "Jump Ahead" function. I'll never watch another commercial that doesn't entertain me!

3) This remote also has a 5-minute "Jump Ahead", "Jump Back" toggle for DVR use---no more FFwd through a long program just because you missed the end---you can buzz through 60 min. in 12 pushes---about 6 sec.

All-in-all this thing is WAY nicer than the $80 659 I bought 5 years ago.


Thanks very much, acraigl.

I ended up picking up a couple of these from at the same price, but there's free shipping. The ones there are refurbished, which I believe might be superior to open box items. My understanding is that open box items have a 30-day warranty, while refurbished ones have a 90-day warranty.

You have to pick the refurbished ones from the seller list on

Hope this helps.


I love the harmonys! I have a 600 and it is AWESOME. I got it for the same price as this one. Only problem is sometimes I have to select the input manually when initially turning on the TV, as the TV doesn't power on fast enough to catch the RF signal from the remote to switch inputs. Not a big deal, especially when you use the "Help" button on the automatically figures it out.


@kvellano: Isn't there a way to add a pause, change the sequence. Contact Harmony, they'll help with special things, and this may be something others experience, and the can tweak it.


@integrator97: I will have to look at that. It wasn't immediately apparent to me when programming it, but I'll have a second look. Either way, the "Help" button does wonders, especially for the girlfriend