dealsboard game blowout - clearance for $6.99


The things I wanted were out of stock. I was mildly interested in a few others but most of them have very little information and no reviews to make any judgement on, I'd have to research them offsite. But still a good deal for a game group that likes to try new things. Mine tend to stick with one of the various Catan games, crayon rails (Iron Dragon, Empire Builder, Eurorail, etc), or one of the Fluxx or Munchkin games and ignore the 50 or so other games on the shelf. I put four games in my cart to see what shipping was like and it was a fair $14 for four boxed board games.


This website makes me feel like I'm shopping at an Aldi. It does indeed have board games.....just not any board games you're used to.


Let it also be known that if you buy 5, you get one free (it's on their banner ad).


Free shipping at $100. If you do the buy 5 get 1 free deal, you can technically get it shipped free for under $100. I just bought 9 games for $93.37.


@firebirdude: Lol, that's a great comparison. I had a very similar feeling.


Some of the games actually have decent scores on BGG. At this price they're definitely work taking a chance on.


@firebirdude: If you're looking for parker brothers, yeah not exactly what you're used to. But minature market has a great selection of modern board games, and they have great prices.


@newspapercrane: Absolutely. If you are into board games, it is hard to find a site with better prices. I use them all the time.


Don't forget the $6.00 Deal of the Day, BodgerMania (7.23 on BGG).