dealsanatomically-correct testicle plush for $8.50


I'm a nursing student who has had to see actual testicles and must tell you: they don't have faces, and even if they did, they wouldn't be smiling.


AND they're blue. whaaaaaat


In the words of Dr. Horrible: "Balls!".


@w00tgurl: That's medically possible if the ahem guys don't get enough oxygen. It's called cyanosis.


This deal should be a 2 for, and come in a bag.


I'm happy to say that ovaries are also available for the same price:


why do i have to give them my email just to look at the website?


While we're kind of on the topic... please check out and learn a little more about testicular cancer.
Guys, check your little guys and potentially save your life. Gals, remind your guys as youre doing your own self exams. These couple of minutes a month could literally save your life.

This non-profit was created by a coworker who is a testicular cancer survivor. It's an important topic for us all to remember.


@klynb: here's a working link for the ovaries if anyone is still interested, your link didn't work for some reason

@sportster25: thanks for spreading awareness!


@jonjames: Because it's flash-sale, it's very common. Fab is legit.

@sportster25: Thank you for spreading awareness! I volunteer and work with cancer patients, it's an important issue.


@w00tgurl: Yes, quite a few fun plushes there. :) For a geek like me, it's super fun.


It looks more like a tea kettle if you ask me.


@jonjames: Fortunately you can just type in a fake email and it works without even entering a password on the next page. I had to close the tab and click on the link again. Just don't try through or or, etc. I tried and they are already taken... guess others weren't happy about having to enter their email addresses either!


If you buy one along with an ovary be sure to keep them apart or your house may become overwhelmed with them. Remember Tribbles?


@iguana71: LMAO

@sportster25 - THANKS FOR YOUR POST!! Men, you and your partners can check for unusual lumps. Just like you can help her find breast lumps. It doesn't need to be a weird thing - make it part of your lovemaking. We touch those areas anyway, right? Be aware.

And let me just say, I LOVE that promo pic Adam Levine did for testicular cancer. I can get my head around that!