dealsaccutire digital tire gauge w/ lcd display for $7…


Not bad, but I'd wait for the one with the built in flashlight and illuminated readout. Usually goes on sale for about the same price and it's much more handy at night.


Shipping is not showing free for me.

Deal breaker...


These are okay except the battery is really not easy to replace, so this will only last for a few years, if you're lucky. It's more, but a gauge like this one uses no batteries, so always works:


We have one of these (via Costco) and it seems to work fine after about 2-3 years.

Caution for all air gauges, especially the all-mechanical versions: check them against a trusted gauge or at least against multiple other gauges. We found our what-we-thought-was-accurate nicer dial gauge to be be leading us to OVER-inflate our tires by about 7 lbs!

Doesn't do much good to regularly check your tire pressure if the results are not accurate!


Don't know why this is still up on the's still available — for $14.99.