dealssaffron - spanish superior grade - 1 gram w…


Im just wild about Saffron.


Saffron fun fact: The spice is made from the stigma portion of the saffron flower. The stigma is essentially the female reproductive organ of the plant. Kinda. Close enough.


I add this to hamburgers. Your friends will never guess what's in it. Also if you've ever wondered why Saffron is so expensive, because it is hand picked.


Oh brilliant. My guess is that this is not super high-grade saffron, but regardless, it's at least $5/gram...not bad, not bad!


How does this place compare with Penzey's?

Spanish saffron is not the best - Penzey's carries (on and off) Kashmiri Mogra saffron that is AWESOME...

Oops - another thing - saffron is the PISTILS (male part) of a kind of crocus. Think of the yellow strings inside the crocuses we are familiar with...


I got this, the selection of spices is awesome ! And the saffron is of very good quality, since it is very very light a gram is actually a good quantity - anyone that has not tried it should. It has a delicate floral taste so avoid overpowering it with, for example, curry.