dealsmagellan roadmate 4.7" portable gps with lifetime…


Bought the 4.3" Garmin 40 on 1SaleADay last night...seems like this might have been a better deal...Oh well.


I have a question on the bluetooth hands free connection. Yes, it's another dumb tech question from Moondrake. Once this thing is set up to talk to my phone, will it connect automatically after that? If I get in the car and plug in this device after not using it for a while, am I going to have to do stuff to be able to use it with the phone for that drive, or will it connect to the phone on its own once it's been set up? I live in a high property crime city and you don't leave stuff like GPS sitting out where it's visible. I only use my GPS maybe once a month. But if I have it on I'd like to also be able to use the hands free phone feature.


still waiting for one to drive for me


@moondrake: Bluetooth is a fickle technology, but for the most part the phone and GPS will connect without an issue. The easiest way to make sure that happens is to enable Bluetooth on both when you're ready to use them. That way they'll be actively looking for previously paired devices at the same time. When you're done (using the GPS that is, not when you're done pairing them :-P ) disable Bluetooth on both devices.


Damn...I just bought my mom a Garmin LM40 refurb for about 15 bucks less but no Traffic for life.....Oh well.


picked one up for my sister, so that I don't have to print her google maps every time she goes on a trip. Hopefully it's easy enough to use.


Here in California, the price is hiked up an additional $12 due to taxes and "Regulatory Fees"