dealskohl's online promo - 20% off


20% off everything! No Kohl's Charge Card needed. Remember to enter the Promo Code after the "Billing & Shipping" section, at the bottom of the "Payment Information" section. Don't forget to click "Apply."

*Also for some reason enter your CC info first... or an error occurs.


I like Kohl's normally, especially with a good percentage off combined with sale prices, but I've become a little wary of shopping online at Kohl's around Black Friday. I put in a large order (like $300) on Black Friday and it took several days for anything to even happen, then it said it had "shipped" but the tracking number never showed up in the system. As far as I can tell there never was such a package and nothing ever arrived. I think they just don't have the fulfillment capacity to handle the huge spike in sales volume at this time of year. To be fair I've had a similar problem with JCPenney around the same time of year too, but nothing like that has ever happened to me with one of the really big online retailers like Amazon, etc. I did eventually get a refund but it took them a while and multiple contacts.
So I sometimes shop online there at other times of the year, but around the holidays I just go to the actual store if I need anything from them. Just my own experience.


Yeah, Kohl's online store is running horribly right now. Every single page times out for me & I have to refresh them like 10 times to get them to load up again. :(

I did notice they have the 4.5 quart KitchenAid stand mixer on sale for $229.99, and the 20% off code would make it ~$184, so I suppose that's a pretty good price. If you have the patience to keep F5ing the site to get it to load. :/


@kmartind: I ordered within 5 minutes of their "early" black friday sale (which started Wednesday) and my stuff was picked and shipped within the same day. Took awhile for the site to "open" for the sale, but once I was on, I cruised through without issue.