dealsactivision - band hero super bundle for xbox 360…


Unfortunately newegg only sells it ask a disk and not box set, already been confirned.


@livinonedge: SRSLY? This is the title of the NewEgg item: Band Hero: Band Kit Xbox 360 Game Activision. The word "kit" means "instruments plus game."
The image shows the whole kit too,


I've seen where someone posted where a customer service rep said it was just the game, but it's far more likely to be misinformation on the rep's part.

The title of the product mentions "Kit" and the picture is of the kit. The item number given matches that of the kit and not of the game only. Newegg compares the item to other sites which have it listed for $100+, and I'm sure no one has ever paid that much for just the game.

In addition, Newegg has a separate listing for the game only which is cheaper.

I suppose it's possible that it could all be a mistake, but I highly doubt it unless you can give me some other actual evidence.


in for 2 from newegg, thanks


I found one of these a couple years ago for the same price. If you are looking to get the guitar hero stuff its a great way to get the equipment for cheap merely because it comes in a Band Hero box. All the gear still says Guitar Hero except the game; which you can trade a any game store (the game is particularly terrible IMO) for a few bucks toward one of the better developed Guitar Hero versions.