deals10 nintendo coins - club nintendo members for $0…


Thanks op, for the reminder.


Nice. But it's only offering me 10 coins.


It's only 10, just like the previous post says.


I got 30 coins, but I think that is because I just signed up at the same time.


Nice reminder! This club is great folks. If you collect enough points you can choose free gifts from their online club catalog and the shipping is included. Earn enough points to be a 'Platinum' member like I am and they'll send you an additional larger exclusive gift each year. Nintendo sure knows how to foster customer loyalty.


On top of physical gifts, like the post above states, the club also offers virtual console downloads for Wii and 3DS to purchase with enough coins. They offer one game download for each system every month.


@xeyark: I just went back and checked, it is in fact only 10 coins. No idea why I thought it was 30. My apologies.

Does anyone know if there is a way for me to change the title of the deal?
I don't want to mislead anymore people.


I just signed up today, and it gave me the +30 coins. YMMV.


WHAT THE HELL!?!? How did I not know about this? I just registered all my DS/Wii games lying around and am now a Platinum member! Thanks a million! MORE EXCESSIVE PUNCTUATION!!!


Got 30, just signed up today.

Question for long-time members: how many coins do you get for registering games or software?


@randymilleriii: It varies. I got 100 for my wii balance board, 30 for many of my DS games and 50 for most of the wii games. I think consoles are also worth a lot of points (not sure how many). Downloaded games are 10-20 points. You also get more points for buying games w/in the 4 weeks they come out.


@randymilleriii: Wii games get you 50 coins for registering, and 10 coins a week later for doing a Post-Play survey.

If you register your Wii, then you can get Post-Play surveys for WiiWare.

DS games are worth 30 coins for registering and then 10 for the post-play.

I don't have any DSiWare, so I can't comment on that. (Though I do know that you have to link your DSi to your club Nintendo account through the DSi shop channel).

I don't have a 3DS, but the website lists some 3DS titles and they are showing 30 coins each.

Also, back in December I downloaded the Netflix channel (for free)and it gave me a 10 coin post play survey. For those of you without Netflix accounts, you might want to try and download the channel anyways just to see if you get the Post Play survey.


@vbatz89: You can tattle on your own deal to have the information corrected.


@secretagentman02: Thanks, I tattled and they seem to have corrected it! :D


Thanks, I got 10 for the Survey, plus I had 30 available from New Super Mario Bros. Hadn't really heard of Club Nintendo before...


I opened up an account for this deal and was given 30 coins for completing the survey, I don't know if being a first time register has something to do with it.