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On a serious note...anyone that has owned or heard this thing in action care to share their experience? I keep seeing these but Janet pulled the trigger on that elusive buy it now button...


Seems to get good reviews. Its one of the things I have had on my Christmas list.


being hard of hearing, i bought one for my ipad from woot last month. with my hearing issue, i still can hear very nicely with these. so, with that in mind, people with normal hearing should find this more than satisfactory. now, if you are an audiophile, then these are not for you. only thing surprised me was that they were bigger than i expected.


This is a pretty cool item with comparable sound to Phillips and Altec Lansing models. Only thing to remember is that while playing on bluetooth, it drains the power on your signaling device too. Pity this isn't the solar model as I hate buying batteries for things.

I call it a "so so" woot....I don't think you'll be vastly disappointed, but neither will you be overwhelmed either.


My lovely wife gave me one of these (from Woot!) for Christmas. I like it very much. Pairing with my iPad and my Galaxy S3 was easy. I just got done playing Bohemian Rhapsody from the S3 and it was rockin! It might not be the best speaker system out there but for the price, I think it's a bargain.