dealsiteleport: vnc & rdp for iphone, ipod touch, and…


TeamViewer is free for personal use, has a free iPhone app, and does the same thing. I use TeamViewer when working on family members' computers remotely and I love it.


@sninja13: While TeamViewer free may be a good option for some, it doesn't appear to replicate the ease of use of iTeleport... With iTeleport, there is no additional software to install (though there is an optional download of a locator utility for those who want to connect from afar but don't want to set up their firewalls themselves). You simply enable the screen sharing capability built into every modern Mac or PC, and you're done!
It also doesn't require any sort of proprietary account, and can be used for any purpose - personal or business. In that respect, it is also WAY WAY cheaper than the TeamViewer Pro (which is currently $99 for iPhone and $139.99 for iPad!) which appears to still require a purchase of the pro desktop software. And iTeleport is iOS universal...
I do appreciate you pointing out this additional option... All I will say is that I bought the app when it was last on sale for $7.99, and I have used the heck out of it, and have been VERY happy with it!