dealsgrammar and gramper - t shirt for $5.99


There is a grammatical error in their description.

or, as they might say

Their is a grammatical error in there description.


There is more than one grammatical error in this ad.

"You're" is the contraction for "You are". It does not indicate possession.
"Your" indicates possession, such as "your shirt".

In the first line, the second n was omitted from the word "known".

"There" indicates location; "their" indicates possession, as in "their shirts".

Another common error, thankfully not present in this ad, is "its" versus "it's", the latter of which is the contraction for "it is" and the former indicative of possession, e.g. "its url".


at a least a misspelled word


I assumed that the errors in the write-up are deliberate, considering the subject of the t-shirt.


Hey people! It's intentional misuse. Really, can you not figure out that very simple fact?


I think it's hilarious that people attacked the ad, given the intentional misuse. It just proves the point.