dealsnative versa sunglasses 78% off for $24.00


In for 1.
I bought some Native sunglasses from Woot a few weeks ago. I was hesitant dropping $45 on sunglasses that I couldn't try on but they are awesome! A little small on my face (these appear to maybe be a little bigger). Very clear vision through them (it almost seems like things are brighter to see in the shade but without squinting). The ones from Woot actually came with an extra set of lenses (but the extra set wasn't polarized).

These are $75 on Amazon (pretty sure it is the same model).


What coupon brings this to $24 plus shipping $31? The cheapest it's showing for me is $45.


Okay. I found out what's up. Their site isn't functioning properly so the credit isn't being applied, and I also can't place the order. I'll check back tomorrow to see if it's working right and use the chat support.

Also, if you follow this link to it it gives you $10 off your first order on sign up:

I got mine down to $16 from $40 (I liked a different pair).


Odd, works fine for me. Scroll to the bottom of the checkout page, where it says order summary, and you'll see the discount if you haven't used the promo yet.


I have a pair of natives already (and had a pair before that I lost... ) and I love 'em. They look great and the optics are fantastic. Got the bombers for $25. Sweetness!


cool..just got it somewhere else..will return that one and got this for $21. It is slightly small, not worth it for that high a price, but at $21, I can live with it