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All together the speakers weigh about 30 lbs so expect to pay about another $20 for standard shipping (considerably more for expedited shipping).

The consensus I've read in reviews on these is that they're pretty good for being so cheap, but every review ends up telling you to go buy something more expensive if you're serious about sound. Seems like a good deal for a bedroom or dorm or something. Keep in mind you'll need a receiver and Monoprice doesn't sell any of those on the cheap.


I bought these about 10 months ago on a special sale that included shipping, however, even if I had to pay shipping, these speakers were certainly worth the price. Is the sound the best you ever heard? Likely not, but man, they sound so much better than the original speaker set I had. The highs are noticeably more crisp. The Mid range is solid.

Full Story: I already have a nice Yamaha active sub-woofer and continue to use it along with the new satellites. I added the new Monoprice sub-woofer to my old Cambridge Soundworks Home theater system for my PC replacing the original passive sub-woofer that came with it, and this Monoprice active sub-woofer just out performs the original by leaps and bounds!

If you want really satisfying sound and you don't want to pay any more than you have to, and you're only trying to impress yourself, then buy these speakers! If you have a need to pay a whole lot of money to impress your friends, then get something else


Get the Boston sound bar on the deal.woot front page for a little more $ and be substantially and audibly more satisfied. I've had enough bargain basement surround systems and real sound systems to identify the winner.

The sound quality of the Boston is excellent and I have doubts on this unit. The Boston is LOUD and clean. Also, most bargain buyers don't even set up their surround sound properly.

A typical bargain 5.1 buyer has 5 speakers in scattered places directly in front of them. This can actually sound worse than 2 speakers. Imagine the swap meet Honda civic with 23 tweeters built in to the visors. Hss-fss-kssk.

This improper set up not only sounds worse but creates an unnecessary rats nest mess of wiring.

Also, I missed the simplicity of my wireless sub and wound bar, the auto-on and auto-off feature. I now another simple set up which I shall not be trolled about.

I know I sound like a salesman but I am merely looking out for your ear's interest.


@jdpman: Could you perchance recommend me a good baseline receiver that would be on par with these? I'm hoping to get one for under $100, but I don't know if that's possible. Seems odd that I could get good speakers like these for $75 but can't get a receiver for the same price or less. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!