dealsus weekly magazine - $20/yr (only 38¢ per issue)


In for one, also works on 2 year plan, 19.99 per year. Thanks Woot!


yes it still takes 6 weeks to start but this is a good price


Not really interested in this deal personally, but seems like a GREAT price... why so may down votes?


@raindogg: I can only speculate, but for one, not many people do magazines anymore so the hate runs deep for them. Secondly these types of deals are "we charge you until you cancel and if you die we will charge you until someone notices."

I personally loathe these cause if you wait long enough you can usually get it for free when the magazine gets desperate enough.

I would personally be surprised if physical magazines lasted 2 more years. My free Maxim subscription just ran out after 5 years of getting it for free.


@agent019: I ordered Popular Science from this company 2 1/2 yrs ago and when my final issue arrived, that was it- I didn't have to cancel. Just ordered US for 1/yr and coincidentally received an email yesterday from them for OK mag., same price. As long as advertisers pay for ads in mags and people buy them, they'll stick around.