dealsmonoprice battery backup for usb mobile devices…


This deal has expired. It is $19.95 now.
"We're sorry, the coupon you entered (woot9752) expired on 12/28/2012 and is no longer valid.
Thank you for your understanding."


@erikull: haha... but everyone should know the general size of the item just based off the usb port ;)


@djp519: Thanks! That's exactly what I was wondering. The picture makes it seem huge.


I've used monoprice several times and no complaints - except maybe that their most popular items seem to be backordered a lot. Products I've gotten have been worth much more than I paid with one exception out of at least 30 items. If you live in CA, shipping is dirt cheap, but if not stock up on cables and such to make the shipping worth it. They have enough cheap cables that might come in handy that this isn't hard. Extra phone chargers, wall and car, plus a couple spare HDMI (never know when you might need them), etc. This seems like it could be good in a storm when the power's out, but I haven't tried this particular item.


I looked at these but for the same $$, I would rather buy a backup OEM battery for my phone.
For my intended use, anyway.


So what type of battery is it? 18650 Li-ion?


@doxeelady: Monoprice should be the first place you check when you need a cable of any type. Great prices and assortment, especially for HDMI cables!


@doxeelady: Yes, Monoprice is awesome--I use them regularly for things like HDMI cables and TV mounts. Never had a problem with them.


has anyone used this site? They had to transfer me to tech specialist just to ask what type of battery it uses.


No reviews yet on Monoprice, must be a fairly new item.

If you're wondering about size: It measures 4" x 7/8" x 7/8" and comes with a 24" USB A to USB micro-B cable and a felt carrying pouch.


woot ratings dont mean woot


Anyone know how good and reliable they are? Based on the Woot ratings, it must be good.