deals25% off all orders


nothing but good things to say about shutterfly. great deals and quick service.


Seems like a good way to get some early holiday shopping out of the way.


The quality of the printing and the paper is top notch. They also back their warranty on the rare occasion something goes wrong. We've ordered many books from them and only one time did we have trouble with a book losing a few pages. I sent them a quick note asking if there was anything we could do and they shipped out a new copy within a week, free of charge. Lots of love here for this company!


This is a good deal for some things.. for things like photo books they have had bigger % off sales (40% recently).

Mugs you can usually find a coupon code for a free mug (just pay s&h)
Greeting cards have been 40% off recently...

So for all other things, 25% is pretty good!


This is an okay deal from a very good company. For what it's worth, you can get 50% off 8.5x11 photobooks at Walgreens with the coupon code CUSTOMBK50 through October 31st. If you get the most basic book, hardback with a cloth cover with a cutout window in front, and pick it up at your local Walgreens it should be $10 plus tax. That's a pretty awesome deal if you have your photos ready to go.