dealsm*a*s*h any season for $9.99


Great show and TERRIFIC tags!!!!


One of my fondest memories of my Father was watching MAS*H with him while I was growing up. Miss that rascal.


Fantastic show. Hawkeye could always make me laugh and the stories were always good. R.I.P. Harry Morgan.


One of the best shows ever made.


One of the best things about the DVDs of this show is the ability to turn off the laugh track. Makes it a much better viewing experience. Also you will find that the reruns currently airing have trimmed out several minutes of material. My family owns the entire series and we have watched it all the way through about 5 times in the past few years. That said, I believe we paid $120 for the whole series which comes in a nice case and with 11 seasons, that may be the cheaper way to go.


@belyndag: lol someone has changed it to "games" while I wasn't looking. I'm just happy everyone has a sense of humor around here. Well, mostly everyone anyway.


Got the same email so I did some research:
Go to Amazon, search for 'Mash' without the quotes.
Coming up at $9.49 for me for the seasons...YMMV

Sneaky Amazon...sneaky.


@zontor: You're right. Looks like Warehouse Deals is undercutting them on the price and using Amazon as their shipping partner. Ballsy.


I love watching reruns of this show. One of my earliest TV viewing memories was when the series finale aired on CBS.


One of the great things about the DVDs is that, for people like me who grew up watching the episodes in syndication, you get to see the full episodes and you realize how badly they've been chopped up to make room for more commercials when played in reruns.

I agree that if you want every season, it's probably worth it to buy the full Martinis and Medicine collection.


@bethika: With the Martini and Medicine colletion you also get the original movie. Which, if you do want the whole series, makes it an even better deal. Really was a great show.