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Never heard of this...any good?


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let it be known: the world needs a metric to see how "Lucased" the movie has been.

example: dude, episode 1 is an L9 piece of (mod edit: profanity) episode IV special edition has all that weird (mod edit: profanity) in mos eisley so I'd give it an L2


Anyone notice that it doesn't release until September 2011? There's plenty of time for mods and other "enhancements"


I'm only buying it if Han shoots first...


This happened to me: I took my son to Ep III with his friend and the friend's father - a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist. As the movie ends, the 50-something year old journalist looks at me and says "that was pretty good. What happens to the twins?"

I stop, wondering if he's joking. He's not. I ask, "You mean, what happens to Luke and Leia Skywalker?"
"Yeah. Does something happen to them after this?"
"Yes. There's another movie that comes after this where they're grown up..."

I would never believe this story if it happened to someone else. I swear it's true.


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You'll have to excuse him, he's not "down" with the trilogy.

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@dmax801: You don't become a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist by watching space movies.


@neowulff:"there's only one RETURN and it ain't of the KING it's of the jedi" -- Randall was bugging me....


I went with these:
I am perfectly happy with the quality of video on these DVDs, but hey, I grew up watching the black boxed VHS, so YMMV.

They have the original theatrical releases as "Bonus" material on the second disk. As these are movies from the 70s and 80s there is no real point in having them on Blu-ray.

It is always hard to tell, but I can't find anything that indicates that you can get a Blu-ray disk with the original unmolested theatrical releases.


@msmetz: Thanks for using my post, glad it was helpful!

The set msmetz linked to is still available, it's $22.49 at amazon. Use the link msmetz posted and you can get there.'s not Blu-ray.


@mikedorries: LOL - great pic for the quote here:


The release will be in September, they will release the first 3 in a trilogy, the second trilogy, and an all inclusive 6 film set with 3 bonus discs of material not inlcluded in the other two


The big question is, does Greedo shoot first, or does Han? I want original-originals. sigh


Red Letter Media did a hilarious and truthful breakdown of why the prequels were so terrible.

Warning: Foul language is used.


I've heard Lucas say that the Blu-Ray movies will only be the re-released versions. Something about it would have been too much time and effort to upgrade the original versions. I don't buy that argument and, as much as I want this on Blu-Ray, I don't think that I can buy this without the original versions.


@alludar: Red Letter Media does an amazing job of breaking down and mocking the first three movies. These are much watch for fans of the original movies. I've been waiting for them to come out with Ep 3 but I didn't know they had. Thanks.


@wfarmer: It's so easy to prove Lucas is a lying sack, it ain't funny. And these would definitely not be the uncut originals restored, because he's made no bones about being an ass to his fans who gave him his millions in the first place.


@wfarmer: That's actually not true - Lucas said at last year's Star Wars Celebration convention in his interview with Jon Stewart that the Special Editions would come out first, but that they would be releasing the theatrical cuts, which he now calls the "classic" versions, on Blu-Ray at a later date. The explanation is that the masters are in really bad shape, and need to be fully remastered in order to be good enough for a Blu-Ray transfer. And yes, they remastered them for the Special Editions, but they put all the "upgrades" on those masters, so it needs to be done again. Expect it to be another year or two, as Lucas said it will be a long process.


This is a preorder for Sept. 2011


@sonovavondruke: Yeah, theres no awards for NOT injecting a snooty liberal agena in some humanitarian cause-of-the-day.

Anyways, I hope this isnt the drapified version. I have NINE different DVDs of episodes 4-6 and not ONE of them doesnt have the goddamned CGI (mod edit: profanity) in it.

I wanted to freeze Lucas in carbonite but leave his eyes open and make him watch ten years of JarJar