dealsemachines 18.5in flat panel lcd-led monitor for…


Maximum Resolution: 1366 x 768


@maaskant: Eww eww eww eww eww. Who in the world ever decided 1366 x 768 would be a good resolution? I hate it! It's a stupid width:height ratio which is unique to this resolution. It's not 9:16 nor 10:16 nor 4:3 nor even 5:4.


@kdulcimer: Did you notice the price,it's $50 ? Don't know what you expect for that price,seems good to me if you have an application for it.


This'll be perfect for my Raspberry Pi. In for 1.


@eschington: This monitor is Analog VGA input only... Raspberry is HDMI or old fashioned RCA video (baseband) video. Converter required.

Monitor Type: LED
Screen Size (Measured Diagonally): 18.5"
Maximum Resolution: 1366 x 768
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Response Time: 5 ms
Brightness: 250 cd/m
Contrast Ratio: 12,000,000:1 (dynamic) 1000:1 (native)
Compatibility: PC and Mac
Vertical Frequency: 55 - 75Hz
Horizontal Frequency: 30 -80kHz
Antiglare Coating: No
Power Consumption: 11.9W
VGA Input: Yes
DVI-D Input: No
DVI-D with HDCP Input: No
HDMI Input: No
Tilt: Yes
Touchscreen: No
ENERGY STAR Qualified: Yes
Screen Refresh Rate: 60Hz


Ewww. It's not even 27 inch with 50 DVI and 100 HDMI inputs! And where are the speakers!?


FYI: I have one of these, and if you're going to use it for windows you're fine. But, if you plan on using linux (even ubuntu) you will waste 2-3 hours of your life making it work right. The drivers do not detect the proper resolution so you will have to hack the xorg.conf file to get the right mod settings in.