dealskindle fire (1st gen) geek squad re-certified for…


Geeksquad certified means squat. Lots of comments on about folks buying "GeekSquad certified products that were DOA or still had the original owners' data and passwords on them.


As much as I dislike Best Buy and detest Geek Squad, that's a mighty tempting price.

If it's DOA they'll make it right, right? Right guys?



FWIW, I have a 1st gen kindle fire I got a while back from amazon recertified and the development community for the device is amazing, in some respects making it better than many other tablets.

Running Jellybean 4.2.1(CM10) on mine and it's great.


I got one of the original fires when they first came out and am still using it. It's great for watching amazon prime videos and just doing a little web browsing. I normally keep it on my nightstand, so I can watch a movie as I fall asleep.

Also, portzebie, where did you get the jelly bean for yours ? (Also, love the screen name, that takes me back to the old Don Martin MAD magazine days...)


@tjohnston23: Search for "liliputing kindle fire 4.2" and it'll be the first link. You'll have to follow a link to another article within that article to figure out what dev tools you need to get. I followed this article about 2 weeks ago successfully. After everything is backed up and installed, go to the app store and get "AppExtractor". It will let you recover individual apps/data from your backup.


Will the professional narraton with whisper sync for voice work like on the new ones for those of us with audible accounts?


For basic media consumption--reading websites, watching movies and youtube, playing mickey-mouse games, etc.--the first generation Fire is pretty good especially at a price like this. I don't know that I'd trust an in-house refurb operation though, that sounds like a scheme to get rid of junk they can't send back to Amazon.


My 75 year old mother had her 3rd 1st gen kindle fire go bad this week. They are now shipping her a gen 2. This model has a flaw in either the battery connection or the charging connection and so have the others. We've gone through all the stuff with tech amazon tech support and at 75 my mom does not abuse them. I can not image doing that with best buy. At only $50 off this is not worth it. Great product though.


Geek Squad "recertified"? Ha ha! Riiiiiight. I wouldn't trust anything they certified let alone recertified.

Not a bad price for a decent Android tablet though. I'm actually having a hard time not picking one up.


@tjohnston23: Wow, I think you are the first person to ever get my screen name, especially since I technically spell it wrong (it should be potrzebie).

The xda forum for the kindle fire is an awesome resource and it's where I dled the rom I currently use. Here is the thread for it:

One thing to be aware of though, as far as I know amazon prime videos are not something available on regular android, just the kindle fire software.

If you go back to the main forum you can find other useful information and tools as well as other roms, but I think that one is the best.


@portezbie: I flashed the same on my KF and it is great, a whole different device with Jellybean. For others interested, do a google search for jellybean kindle fire and there are numerous resources available.


personally ... just suck it up and spend the extra $50 and get the revamped Kindle Fire. Has improved and new features the original (1st gen) didn't have. I bought one for my niece and she loves it. (I have the Kindle Fire HD). I just see no point in having to deal with a possible DOA item or deal with Best Buy at all.
Also if your a student you can get a deal from Amazon on the new KFHD. And they have been doing sales on the revamped KF, I bought my nieces for only $129.
idk if this helps anyone but hope it does.


Flashing a Fire is doable, but tablet prices have come down so far you might as well get a different model if you want the real deal. A mere $200 gets you Google's flagship 7" tablet with a 3D friendly Tegra CPU and way better specs than even the Fire 2.0.


Awesome, cant use a BB gift card on the clearance site...I can't get rid of this stupid GC


@bogus: This is probably what I would do as well but to be fair that is still double the price.