dealsoctopus usb2.0 high-speed 7 port usb hub with ac…


Only a .5 amp adapter? I'd expect a 3.5 amps (7 x .5 per port = 3.5 amp). No where near enough power for port powered devices like a hard drive, graphics tablets or the like.


@wootcompare: your right, these ports dont work well, can only plug in a few devices before it starts freaking out. i own one and it does not work too well plugged in or not


I never seen it named Octopus it was always Squid.


"Ships from a China warehouse and customers usually see it 2-3 weeks after ordering." I don't know if I'd trust that. Not to mention the port power ya'll were talking about.


Shouldn't it have 8 ports if it's an octopus?


"Comes from a China warehouse. Customers usually see the item in 2-3 weeks." Don't know if I want to wait that long and don't know if I can trust an item that has to come from China directly.


@davgig: I've never had any problems purchasing from Meritline and i am sure others would agree. The wait might be long yes, but half the stuff you buy comes from a Chinese factory nowadays...


I bought one of these a while ago. They are pretty sketchy. Usually works alright, but every once in a while I have to unplug the hub and plug it back in for my computer to actually detect any devices plugged in to the hub.