dealsbatman - the dark knight - collectible throwing…


Actually has a video of them. A lot bigger than I thought.


What could possibly go wrong?


I ordered these a few months ago when they were on sale, They are actually a pretty good size and decent build quality & they come with a heavy duty nylon carry pouch. Definetly fun to practice your tree bark killin skills. And on the Steven Seagal "Under Siege" knife throwing scale, I give these a 7.


If this didn't have the bat symbol and Batman on them I would be much more inclined to get these. It seems redundant to put that on a Batman style "throwing knife".


@scruffyhansolo: You're right. That's totally lame . . . like those Batman costumes we had in the 80s that had a picture of Batman on the shirt instead of the Batman symbol.


@rayray8822: Yeah because the batman mask was not enough for people to know who you were.