dealsfila no-show socks 3 pairs - choose mens or…


That's a good price for socks. I'll try a couple pair.


In for 3 packs. These socks are pretty darn comfortable. i like to wear them with Sandal, dress shoes and wood clogs...because that's how i roll. Website offers paypal so feel fairly confident that I'm not going to totally get screwed.


I've ordered from them before, never had a problem. In for 3 as well.


Does anyone know what these are made of? Cotton, polyester? Would be nice to know if they are up to active sports, unlike cotton.
Also I've ordered from these guys a few times also. No problems at all.



•79% Polyester 16% Cotton 5% Spandex
•97% Polyester, 3% Spandex


Good products and very good customer service.Have been ordering from 13-deals,That daily deal and loco buy which is all the same company for over 3 years now. If your order is ever missing any item CALL THEM and with out Question they make it right. You will talk to a person if you call after 9:30 am the mornings is the best time to call.


Same company owns Ordered from both sites before and have had a wonderful experience. Fila socks are awesome. Love the Fila Sport socks I have and just picked up 3 of these now. Awesome deal. =]


Women's is sold out. Still have men's available as of now.


Ordered a few of these, looks good!