deals$5 off order of $45 at


That is some of the most obnoxious advertising I've ever experienced.


I love KMart products. It's too bad they never have anything I want in stock -- even KMart-branded merchandise. Stores are always deficient in inventory (sizes and colors), their logistics don't seem to permit much of anything to be free-shipped to area stores, their shipping charges are often 30-50% of the cost of the items, and they don't have wish- or reminder-lists of stuff for shopper convenience. Their free-ship membership program can't compete with Amazon because KMart's entire product inventory is only a tiny fraction of Amazon's, with far less availability or variety, and they don't include extra services (e.g., Instant Video), yet they (like other foolish e-shops) believe they can charge the same $79/year. "Clueless" doesn't begin to describe their competitive savvy.

BTW, I'm posting this after trying to use this coupon for half a dozen shirts and several pairs of shorts. Not a single one could be bought or picked up locally. This is my typical experience.


@jeffq: Sorry you couldn't get what you wanted.

To Note: their prime-llike shipping program includes Sears. So it is all orders at Sears and Kmart. That seems ok to me.