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Oooh, it's even got the higher-end Intel HD Graphics 4000. That's quite a deal! You're probably right: it's probably better than the Black Friday deals will be.


To be clear: I mean the higher-end of Intel's integrated Ivy Bridge graphics processors rather than a top-notch graphics card overall.


Nice specs except that the resolution of the LCD is 1366x768, which is not very good.


We've been price shopping laptops and pulled the trigger on this one - thanks for the post


@offensivebias: Yeah, I kept looking at it over and over to check and see if it was a refurb. I even went as far as to use the search function to search for only new computers and see if it came up. It's a really sexy machine for the price. Really doubt any Black Friday deals will match it. If they do, they'll probably have Windows 8, which I'd rather wait to buy.


@smithmark: Microsoft is offering Windows 8 Pro for $15 when you buy a new laptop with Windows 7 after June 2. A cheap way to get Windows 8 and still keep the option of 7 if 8 turns out to be a hot mess.


Also, for anyone wanting a 17inch laptop, I found this nice Toshiba also with a 3210 for $550.