dealspanasonic 10.4" toughbook h1 field tablet with…


Oh my God! One thousand and two hundred bucks (like an iMac) for the netbook PC configuration! Woot! you must be joking!


I first saw the pic, and thought "cool, a kid's tablet". Then I saw the price, and once I picked myself up off the floor, realized it wasn't.


Panasnic? Does it compete with other top brands like Sorny or Magnetbox?


@bakree: This is a hell of a lot better than an imac (as is anything not made by apple), and targeted at an entirely different group of users.


But you must not forget: Panasnic is a highly reputable brand, with products far exceeding the quality of even the highest-end offerings of their competitors. Quality doesn't come cheap, folks.


Oh look, its those crazy tablets I see at the verizon store


this is great for leaving in your hot car, and surviving a body slam

kinda cool for the people that play rough


this isn't a consumer grade tablet, this is medical/mil-spec stuff...


i wish more manufacturers made tough electronics for more variety. cellphones/smartphones, laptops, tablets, tv/radios. there isn't as much choice out there


My company just canned three of these. They're pretty quirky and not as practical as one would think. I can only imagine how a refurb is since the brand new ones were unreliable.

We didn't pay nearly as much... good thing because they were replaced by iPad 2's, which are still working great.


These computers are designed to be almost indestructible among other things. The cost comes from the extreme durability and resistance to the elements. I don't expect a lot of woot sales on this device but that's not woots problem. If you need performance and something to take where it might get dropped 20 feet, ran over, in an intensely humid climate or things like that consider it.


@cleveagraver: I hope you didn't just see that in a re-run and you're quoting from'd make me feel a little better about knowing exactly what you're talking about :)


This would definitely win in a game of "my tablet can smash your tablet".


@jamesbottomtooth: Oddly enough, the best buy deal of the day today is a "commando" phone for Verizon:
Supposedly one of the toughest phones you can buy. I can't confirm that personally as I use neither Verizon nor Casio.


@drchops: He's exactly talking about the typo in the title.


Are you kidding me, did you see the processor on this antique, the Atom. Read the reviews on this style of processors. This is not meant for anything but checking your email. This is a pig dressed up as a wolf!


I don't understand the hate. This is not a consumer grade "toy" to be played with while watching TV or sitting on the toilet. It can definitely be used for that, but that is not the target market. This is a field tablet designed for industrial and military use. In comparison to the devices offered by Symbol (Motorola), Intermec etc., it is a steal. If they were certified as NI (Non Incendive), I'd be buying one (or work would be). Its like making fun of a new dump truck because your 20 year old Accord is faster. Two items so different that its unfair to compare the two.


@tlcamerica: the atom has no problems dealing with playing 1080p video, nor is it terrible for 99% of your uses. This is a damn tablet, you aren't going to install AUTOCAD on it and expect it to work.

Also, the fun thing about getting a toughbook of any kind shipped to you, is you don't have to worry about the shipping at all.


No physical keyboard, no deal.


@drunkcat: Maybe you don't understand what "tablet" means.


@idontkn1: Not sure the woot-sphere is the right market for something specialized like this. What next, discount dentist chairs?


Panasonic's PC group has been specializing in hardened notebooks for decades. They meet industry and military specifications for durability, including but not limited to dropping X feet onto pavement, shatterproof screens, dusty/dirty/sandy environments, water resistance, and hot/cold performance.

The fact that this is a tablet with 64 GB memory is what makes this deal special, and the price is very good.

Panasonic is one of the best-known names in this market sector.
If you have to ask all these questions about Panasonic Toughbooks then you wouldn't need one.


Totally worth the money once you realize you can use it to beat the idiot co-worker who doesn't know the difference between "reply" and "reply all" over the head repeatedly without breaking the tablet.

In for 3.


This might actually be what a ipad cost if it wasn't built by slave labor, just sayin.


Oh, Toughbooks, how I love thee. When I sold the notebooks, I showed some customers outside how tough they were by dropping one off our building and then running it over with my car. Sale made! I'm not sure how well a tablet version would be but hey, they work great if it's going to be potentially tossed around.


Mil-Spec tablet retails for $3k+


If this is military- grade, does that mean it can be used for body armor? That would be a true test for rugged tablets.


If it meets military specs, does that mean you can only take it apart with a $500 screwdriver?


@joemarfice: No, he's quoting a Simpsons episode.

You showed me :)


@bakree: You literally, took the words right our of my mouth.. verbatim.. ha ha ha


I'd get this except as near as I can tell the RFID scanner is the wrong frequency to work with animal/human microchips. Other than that quibble it seems like a good deal. (The latest version, at 3X the price, has an I5 processor)


It looks like my kid's old Etch-A-Sketch!


Thats a pretty expensive high tech bullet proof vest


$5 shipping, are you kidding me!!! Dealbreaker


Judas Priest. I so want one of these ... how cool is that? I am a teacher - my students couldn't BREAK this thing. This is what would help out around school ..