dealsdeadwood: the complete series [blu-ray] for $59…


damn! I just bought the DVD version....must not jump on this awesome deal!....but you should!


But Amazon only offers free supersaver shipping... Best Buy offers free shipping to everyone on this deal. At any rate, $60 for the complete series on Blu-Ray is a great deal! I bought one.


@dave94lx: Unless you have Prime...also, no tax (for most people anyway)! :)


I enjoyed this show a lot but it influenced some unfortunate facial hair choices on my part.


Perhaps one of the best period piece dramas ever filmed.

The dialog in this series alone is worth the price of admission - you will have never heard anything more obscene but at the same time compelling. Their speech is almost Victorian - and with this series being based on the historical characters (with a certain amount of liberty taken for production), it is a very interesting and entertaining watch.

Seth Bullock vs. Al Swearengen is epic.