dealsnook simple touch 2gb, wi-fi, 6in for $63.00…


Thanks for the tip, lol. I have one to sell on the 'Bay and now I know I need to wait until these are gone. ;-) Nothing wrong with them, tho. Good Product.


This is an excellent product - for an e-reader it is the best on the market, IMO. Far surpasses the kindle reader with the keyboard. Well designed. Go for it!


Great price for a great e-ink e-reader.
The only downside I see about this e-reader is that the "2 GB" descriptor is slightly misleading. If you're thinking about side-loading books, there's only about 235 MB available to load books.

But it has a micro-sd slot, so a cheap 2 GB micro-sd card (around 5 bucks or less) provides plenty of space for your non Barnes and Noble books.

Also, a good, inexpensive case for the Nook Touch:


Just got one for my wife. Really great deal. Added the one year warranty for $12 and it's a steal even if it is refurbished. Thanks for the sd tip.


Great e-reader, I love mine. Got a refurb a while back for 79. Overstock has good, cheap cases.

~250 megs for side-loading ebooks. Honestly, that's still more than enough if you just want to manage your books on your PC rather than the e-reader itself.

Got this as a pure side-loader for stuff from Project Gutenberg.

edit: I love refurb, it means something was wrong, was fixed, and tested before being sold to me. I tend to go refurb for all my electronics when I can now, yet to have a problem, which is funny because I tend to attract lemons buying new stuff.

edit 2: Here's the deal, Amazon has the better store by far, so if you plan on buying a lot of ebooks get a Kindle. BN's store kinda sucks IMO, but the Nooks are way better than the Kindles, hardware-wise. So if you intend to side-load most of your stuff, go for that.


WAY better than the crap Kindle...


True that Amazon has lots better selection , but don't buy a Kindle for that reason. Get Calibre FREE software and you can translate any format to any other format....well, not ANY, but between these 2, yes.


Yah, but you'd need to get Caliber plugins that strip the DRM from the Amazon mobis before you convert them. I'm not sure if that is legal or not, but I think it isn't.


These are fantastic ereaders. Great screen, fast page turns, super long battery life, etc.
I got a couple of these refurbs off of ebay earlier this year (one for me, one as a gift) and they both came with the wall charger adapter as well. When the Nook Simple Touch first came out they came with the wall adapter, but it's sold separately now. The ebay page for these refurb ones says they don't come with the wall adapter either, but it may be just copied from the B&N site for the new ones. Just saying, it's possible that you might receive a wall adapter with these refurbs too.


And it's just an android tablet still... you can root it and run any reader you want on it - I would not suggest trying to watch movies on it but if you are insane I saw a clip of someone someone "watching" Toy Story on one of these... all sorts of wires hooked up for usb audio - about 30 FPM (that's frames per minute!) glorious geekiness at it's best. But a root and loading another reader to support whatever store you like... that's easy.


Received this yesterday and the SO was so impressed and happy. Excellent deal and thanks so much for putting this up. Also thanks for the Calibre info, great software to manage the library, will allow any format to just about anything.