dealsu.s. border patrol hat $7.25 shipped for $2.99


@jsimsace: What message would that be? That you wear ugly knock off hats that doesnt even look anything like the real thing?


Oh, great! I've been looking for a new douchebag hat!


ACE uniform here in San Diego has the real ones, actually they have mexican "policia federal' to ICE to border patrol. They were like 15 bucks though. I got the Policia Federal so I could wear last halloween and say I took from it from a cop that tried to shake me down.

Oh, its a FELONY to pretend to be a US GOVERNMENT agent or dress up as such,dont be an idiot !!!!!


@satyenshah: Does it matter? It sends a message that needs to be seen.


I wonder whether the hat is "Made in China", or if it's "Made in USA using imported materials".