dealsu.s. border patrol hat $7.25 shipped for $2.99


I wonder whether the hat is "Made in China", or if it's "Made in USA using imported materials".


@satyenshah: Does it matter? It sends a message that needs to be seen.


ACE uniform here in San Diego has the real ones, actually they have mexican "policia federal' to ICE to border patrol. They were like 15 bucks though. I got the Policia Federal so I could wear last halloween and say I took from it from a cop that tried to shake me down.

Oh, its a FELONY to pretend to be a US GOVERNMENT agent or dress up as such,dont be an idiot !!!!!


Oh, great! I've been looking for a new douchebag hat!


@jsimsace: What message would that be? That you wear ugly knock off hats that doesnt even look anything like the real thing?