dealshp touchpad 32gb for palm developers for $149.99


if anyone gets an extra coupon can i have it/buy it?


Signed up and sent the email. Hope I get a coupon. I missed out on the last time these were on sale.


Could i also get a coupon if anyone has an extra? Thank you


could i get a coupon if anyone has an extra


do you have to register a developer account or will the community account work??


I signed up and sent the email as well.... Now we wait.
Thanks OP, if this works.


Could I also get a coupon if anyone has an extra? Please and Thank you


Please may I get on the waitlist for an extra coupon too? Pretty please? My birthday is 11-11-11, and this would make an awesome gift to myself!


If anyone has an extra coupon that they don't need, I would certainly like to use it!


Well, I signed up and requested a pair of coupons. We'll see what happens...


"Coupons are valid through November 27th, 2011 or while supplies last"

You think they aren't out?!?


not availible to HP employees... BOOOO!!!

I want to develope to! ( ok I have a few of these already I am just being greedy and with Android installed these things rock! )


Hmm, its having some issues activating my account through paypal. Maybe server issues? I will give it a try later. :/


This honestly sounds like a dick move. You're basically saying "hey, I'm gonna help contribute and make this product even better with my new software I'm gonna develop, so that maybe you'll start making them again as they'll be worth buying at a higher price" and then just going "haha, I was just kidding, I'm gonna put android on it and let you guys rot. you'll never make more of these!"


Hey guys, I'm not sure if any of you have even looked at the HP online store (coupons are ONLY valid there)... LOL they don't have the tablets anymore. It would really suck for the people who signed up just for that haha. As a matter of fact I think they've been out for weeks!!!



If they become available, the coupon might get me one. If they don't, I can log into my paypal account and delete the payment agreement with HP. I don't see a real downside for me.


@bcastaldo: Obviously they wouldn't announce this today if they weren't going to have any available.


@jfa4235: community account should work, i tried going community first and then "upgrading" to the "full developer" but username/e-mail is linked -- so i have to assume either will work

there's no real loss either way

if i don't get a touchpad, i'll just wait for black friday for an android and ios device


I had 2, sold 'em both - they can't even do netflix.


Well, I do put in a lot of time developing my palms....


Put in my coupon request. After the last touchpad fiasco (which I walked away from without getting a touchpad thanks to several sites overselling), I estimate my chances of actually getting a touchpad are approximately 0% but what the hell, not like I had anything better to do at 1:40am.


My guess is, a certain number of TouchPads will be made available for people under the Development program.

And for whatever it is worth, for those asking for "extra" coupons, the device program terms state that the coupons are "non-transferable."


I've been reading up on developing for the touchpad. I have one, but I wonder if you have to do some things to the device to test development software that makes it so that you'd actually require 2. And does the free year allow you to post things on their app store?


Do you think they'll give you an extra $50 off it you're a COBOL developer? As much as I loved my Pilot, Treo, and those in-between, that's about the level of relevance for Palm development now.


I was going to do it, and I was actually going to work for the thing (no, seriously, it's nice hardware that I'd like to experiment on). But....I'm not touching Paypal. Those jerks have caused enough problems for enough people, and I'm not willing to put up with that.


Just my luck I would win 2 coupons and buy the tablets at a discount only to have HP charge me the extra money when I never submit a software application.

I am going to pass on this one.


I got a 32GB Touchpad when they dumped them all; I like it! Yes it will not do Netflix, but then again I like a million other folks just closed my netflix account. I have been doing more Amazon streaming, and the touchpad handles that just fine. Many people will complain there are not many aps avilable, while the catalog is limited, there are some quality aps. I have been using splashtop to remote into my home desktop (I could use that connection for netflix, but it is choppy).


@gerthdynn: I signed up, linked my account to Paypal, if you walk through it you will see that the linking is so they can pay you. I did it via my business but you could also use your personal SSN. At the end of the setup I saw where you could upload. So to answer your question, yes.


I received an e-mail form HP stating that they are completely out of inventory at the warehouse and will not be making/getting anymore.


@tom84 :I agree, except I actually do have an app I would like to try adapting to the WebOS market, so...

In for 1.


@andyw06: There are a lot of apps through preware -- 2786 as of this morning. While a good portion of these are themes, there are ample (free) apps ranging from utilities (ssh & web server [nginx]) to games. My Touchpad is running an overclocked kernel from preware (running at 1.512GHz).

In general, I'd recommend that anyone with a Touchpad check the "5 tips for tweaking, tuning and speeding up your HP Touchpad" article over at PCAuthority.

No link provided here, because if someone can't find it with just the title and domain information, they probably shouldn't be overclocking their tablet. Also, if you're the type that would cringe at the thought of tweaking your Touchpad, then a developer account (the context of this HP Tablet offer) is likely not a good fit for you.


Signed up, hoping for the best. I missed out the last time. I would use this to develop, but I wouldn't be using PalmOS. I would be using it for Android!


@kle11az: So this will be a hundredth birthday present to yourself, or you're planning on being born in about a week and you've somehow gotten internet access from 'where you're at'?


As much as I'd like two of these (well, actually five, for the whole family) I just can't lie and claim to be a developer just to get one or two. Hopefully real developers will get some and can try to revive the OS.


I am thinking about doing this, as an actually trying to develop something for the touch pad. but some how I thing they will run out before I get one


Maybe Windows 8 will run on it. It will be Arm compatible, so it might be worth having one to try it.


@loooney2ns: I have to ask. Have you used a touchpad for anything before? I'm not referring to webOS 1.0 or 2.0 devices, but actual touchpad. I thought it would be a gimmick till I actually started using it and realized that it really did fit the tablet size and mode of interaction better than the android tablet I have or the one I bought my friend. I like iOS on phone scale, but on tablet scale, another friend's iPad 2 just annoys me. If you do end up getting one, before you rip the OS off that makes it unique, add your email account to it, add skype and MSN or AOL to it. Put your facebook account in it. Try it out. Feel how closely coupled the interaction is between the content you open in another app and the originating app. Notice that you don't lose the flow of what you are doing, and it doesn't require putting browsers or other stuff actually in app you are in to make it closely coupled. Then look at the SDK.


@iampgray: Here's a more comprehensive list of Preware tweaks to the Touchpad (and I'm not too snotty to post a link):


I don't which is more surprising- the lack of ethics as people will lie about being a developer to get a discount, or the fact that I'm no longer shocked at teh lack of ethics in general anymore.


Sorry if this is a repost.
I am also interested if anyone got email from the developer program on the coupon. I received the palm devoper sign up email but no info on the coupon.
I got a TP not on sale and really enjoy WebOs. Its interface is very clean.

I hope to write utilities for it. The filesystem is lacking, it would be nice to add storage with a micro usb adapter, i'm hoping HP is looking at the market that could have been.


NO chance of getting a deal at $150 on the 32GB HP Tablet. I recommend watching sites like ebay for a deal. Since all these Tablets are going to end up being sold somewhere soon.


Dead for new request. Have to wait to see if you get one. See below from HP.

We would like to thank you for your interest in the TouchPad Developer Device Purchase Program. We currently have more requests for coupons than we have devices and will not be accepting any further requests.

If you have already submitted a request for a coupon, we are currently processing requests. If you qualify for a coupon, you will receive an email in the next few weeks. Thank you for your patience.