dealsdr. who: the eleventh doctor's sonic screwdriver…


Well I was thinking I needed a bit more sonic in my life


"Has spring loaded extending action just the like the Doctor's"
....LIKE the Doctor's?....dang. It isn't the real one then....


I have absolutely no use for this gadgetry, and I will be relentlessly chided by my flatmates for buying it, but it's very hard to pass up at that price.
Edit: A month+ shipping is a bit much, but heck, still a deal.


Am I ready to transcend to this level of nerdiness?


I need one to go with my Eccleston/Tennant sonic.

BTW, this is a great deal- these usually go for twice this.


@mikeymet: just to let you all know -

FYI - I purchased the TARDIS shaped mug from these people about two weeks ago and I received it in the middle of last week - so it actually only took a week and a half to get it.


I actually own this. Don't remember what I paid for it but it was around 15 bucks IIRC. It lights up by pushing a button on the end of the screwdriver.


@linkage89: I did get a "This order has shipped" email this morning but it quoted an estimated Aug 6th delivery date. Here's hoping!

As an aside: Oh the things I would do for a coffee mug that was bigger on the inside.


i wish tennant's was this price...


I wish River's screwdriver was this price.


In for one. The estimated ship date will hopefully give me enough time to butter up the wife enough to forgive me for buying what she'll call a "stupid toy."


I look at this replica, and I think " oh, this could be a bit more sonic!"


So the estimated arrival date for me was like August 3, and I just got it yesterday. It's huge, at least two inches longer than the replicas of Tennant's that I've encountered. It is awesome though. I'd buy another, but the price is no longer available. Oh well.


@stark: got mine today as well, a full month ahead of the ETA. I am not ashamed to say I have been sonic-ing everything and giggling like a tween in heat.