deals10 pack green 12 hour emergency light sticks by…


Hey everybody!

Just a heads up these are by Cyalume which are made in the USA. This is for 10 pieces of the green 12 hour industrial grade SnapLight model. We are tossing in a free mylar blanket as well to top off the deal. We also carry Cyalume in every other color they offer blue, white, yellow, orange, red, etc..... Any questions please feel free to ask me. Get some sleep!

We already got a few emails about the expiration. I do not have that handy as nobody is in the warehouse right now but I can tell you in get in a palette every week fresh from the factory so they do not sit on our shelves long. However I will have an answer for you around 9am PST.


I remember last time they had a sponsored deal it came with a coupon but I forgot what the coupon was for. Can anyone refresh my memory? Maybe if someone can tell me what the coupon is, it will trigger my brain to find it! haha


whats the dimensions on the blanket?


That's expensive for lightsticks


@firstaidguru: Really ? Less than a dollar each shipped for a 12 hour USA made stick does not seem expensive to me at all.


how big are these? Nothing to tell scale in that pic. Looks like they might be those tiny ("half a pencil") size.

Expiration date? I thought these had a really long shelf life. What's the normal shelf life for them?


@virtual1one: It says 6" on the wrapper and in the product description


Hey Everyone,

The expiration date on these is 11/17.


@virtual1one: Exp 11/17. They are the standard 6 Inch.

Yes you can get cheaper light sticks but these are the same brand the military uses. They are some of the brightest light sticks you will find on the market.