dealshulu plus- 2 week free trial for $0.00 + free…


What's the word on Hulu Plus?

What's so great that they offer versus other streaming services?

Anyone with any experience? I'm already a member to Amazon Prime, and I'm planning on getting a Netflix membership - but never hurts to check out whats out there and see other opinions...


Ok...after using it for a couple of weeks (and I'm a member of Netflix)'s my perspective:

Hulu Plus is much better for TV. They have (almost) any TV show you want and past seasons...for a lot of shows they go back to season 1. (Like I never watched Lost and they have seasons 1-6...all of them in HD). I can watch on my computer, on my xbox, iPad, iPhone...

I think Netflix is horrible with the TV shows they have available.

Now for movies. My opinion is Hulu is not as good as Netflix with what they have to watch instantly.

The only other thing is Hulu has short ads you have to watch (even when you pay). It isn't as bad as when you watch shows on the network online and I think that is why they are able to get so many networks to give them their TV series. I really don't mind it, surprisingly enough.

So...TV Hulu Plus wins
Movies Netflix wins

Free trial- everyone wins :)

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much for the 2 week free trial.


I switched recently to Netflix DVDs (from streaming) for the better selection, and to Hulu Plus so I could still watch streaming on my iPhone at the gym. Netflix kept dropping titles, and after they pulled Roseanne a couple weeks ago I was done.

I have been so happy with Hulu Plus and not waiting to see Fox shows. Definitely sticking with it. I have a referral code for a 2-week free trial:


@akire22: You joined on February 23, 2012 just to post a Hulu referral code that helps yourself and not really the community. How thoughtful.

Fellow Wooters: You can find these 2 week referral codes all over the Internet, posted by 100's of people. All it gets you is 2 weeks free vs. Hulu Plus' standard 1 week free. Not that much of a deal.

I'll do you all one better. Here's a link for a MONTH free and NO REFERRAL CODE: