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I won't buy Under Armour goods any longer. I'm not part of the organized movement not to buy their stuff but my own philosophy differs sharply from that of the company and its founder and still current guiding force.


@smartheart - Please elaborate as to what you find offensive with the founder.


Sounds like actually quite a decent guy to me.

The only thing I can find online is there are UA ads at Wrigley Field and people are upset about that for some reason.


Shame it's only pullovers, I like zip ups.


if you don't want to support University of Maryland's basketball and football programs, it makes sense to avoid under amour products.


The man created UA in his basement. His grandmother helped him with seed money. So what if he gives bunches to his alma mater? He lives the American Dream.


@smartheart: Did you get fired from this wonderful company?

Sounds like a great place to work with bonuses and other options for the workers..Their philanthropy is great, "Under Armour supports the V Foundation for cancer research and has its own Power in Pink campaign, raising funds for breast cancer research and education. In addition, Under Armour supports the Boomer Esiason Foundation, the Rock Foundation, Ronald McDonald House and Conservation Fund. The Company also has a “Give Back” program, encouraging employees to become involved with local charities.[8]".

I will continue to buy from them.


@bryan047: you must not be fan of college football. i never buy Nike products because of Phil Knight's support of Oregon football.