dealsmerrell mix master 2 trail running shoes for men…


Anyone know how these would be for running say 3-5 mile trail race?


These are mix masters, not mix master 2s. Still a great deal, though.


I have a pair and wear them all the time. They are ideal for shorter runs. I use them for runs under 4 miles and put on my Asics Nimbus shoes for longer runs


@jumbogfunk: Are these good for general hiking? I'm looking for something lighter - my Columbia's are like anchors


From looking at them and knowing Merrell, my guess is a 3-5 mi trail race is perfect for these. Even farther would probably be fine. Avoid running in them on the roads. Not enough cushion for distances longer than an hour. They'd be fine for day hikes w/o a big pack but a poor substitute for hiking boots. Any "aftermarket" insole sold at a running or outdoor store would make these more comfortable. My preference is the Spenco walker/runner. If you use insoles get a half to full size bigger than you usually wear.


Bought these form Tanga last time they were offered (cyber monday)--be aware that these are factory defects and the top covering WILL tear within a month of use. Shoes still work just fine, but they have a known defect, hence the price. Both my shoes ripped in exactly the same two places so I took them to the Merrell store (there is one near my house) and was told about the defect. They were also selling these (with a big sign that said closeout and explained that the cover would rip) for $39.99.

Good shoes, but Tanga selling these without telling people WHY they are so cheap is very uncool of them.


These are Mix Master 1's NOT 2's.

I purchased this same model from the Merrell Store and they are sold for $40 as FACTORY DEFECTS.

The material the upper portion of the shoe is made from WILL tear. Despite that ridiculous detail the shoe is great. I own several pairs because I shred my shoes on the trails anyways so I am happy to do it with a shoe that costs $40. Just don't be shocked when 3 weeks in you begin noticing the mesh is ripping.

I own a pair of the Mix Master 2's as well and the shoe is exactly the same but for the fact that the defective mesh has been replaced with a better material that does not rip.