dealschili's - free appetizer with entree purchase (10…


Sure -- lure me in with pics of molten chocolate and melty ice cream, then tell me I can't have that because the coupon is for an appetizer. Heck -- you only live once -- eat dessert first!


As someone who sounds fat, this is a decent deal, but if you just sign up on their website as a fan they send you free appetizers or deserts about 3 times a month. It seems I can't go a week and not get sent an email about a free something or another. As far as chains go, Chili's is as soulless and corporate as Chotchkies or Shenanigans, but at least they generally have decent beer on tap...


@bnbsouthworth: That wasn't my fault. I tried to remove the pic a few times, but it kept coming back!!


@hossie33: that's true about any site that sells things. Newegg is driving me crazy with the Emails they send.