dealssandisk sansa clip+ 1.0" black 4gb mp3 player for…


This is about $5 more than the going rate including shipping


^Not true, I just purchased one, and did my homework as far as deal-shopping goes. It's the lowest price I've seen for one across many sites that's not refurbished. Proof?

I just bought one along with a 16gb SDHC card, which's information page confirms they are compatible with, so I got 20gb of space for around 60 bucks. Bought a 3 year Squaretrade warranty for $9, too, because of their low cost. Much better cost/warranty/ratio than iPods. Plus I don't have to support Apple. Can't go wrong.


newegg offered the same thing three weeks ago for $21.00 shipped, and I got one then. Love the product, wish I had gotten two.