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This is actually a good deal if your travel arrangments fit their booking dates. You can get some amazing deals on rooms, not just at MGM but at most Strip properties.

Vegas does have corndogs and mustard too. We even have a few Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants! Woo-hoo!


how many people actually like seeing travel deals?


This doesn't mention the mandatory $25/night + tax 'resort' fee. All MGM-owned hotels in Vegas tack this fee on (amount varies per hotel) when you get to the check-in a nice surprise.


@thericochet: I stayed at New York New York a year ago and there wasn't a resort fee. Is this a new thing they're doing at the MGM properties?


Most of the strip hotels charge a resort fee (along with extra people fees if you tell them you have more than 2 people staying, i.e. kids), which is in the range of $15-30 a night. We just got back from there and ended up staying a little off the strip (across street from MGM) but paid NO resort/extra person/wifi fees. However, the MGM buffet is DELICIOUS.


Why does the picture look like it's built out of Legos?


@tcayer: Heck, I was wondering when the MGM Grand was purchased by BP.


@chriscclark01: MGM has been rolling it out slowly to all their hotels, but they all have them now. Most major Strip hotels have them except for all hotels owned by Caesars/Harrahs. Here's a handy list of hotels that do and don't: